The SEO Footer is obviously one of the more important aspects of your site. Without it readers cannot easily access your helpful content. SEO footers are simple HTML codes which you put in almost all your pages to let search engines and other webmasters know what your site is all about. They tell the search engine what keywords are related to your page content and exactly where it should be placed when a user clicks on it.You want to make sure that the search engine spiders find your site easily. This way they will index your page much quicker and with far greater accuracy than if your links were ignored. It is therefore vital that your links are placed in the proper places on your site. This means that your links must have anchor text that is relevant to your topic. A good example of this is a link to a Wikipedia article.The search engine will read the Wikipedia article and understand what it is talking about, but it will not really know anything about the contents of the page. This is where the SEO Footer comes in. If you have lots of text on a page and do not want it to look disorganized then you should add the SEO Footer code. will tell the search engine that a certain page has extra information that they should include in their algorithms for finding relevant sites.Once you have created this you should then write a description for it. This tells the search engine what the code is for and how it relates to the rest of your page. For example, the keywords you used for the links should be in here. This way the search engine can easily pick up on what keywords you are using in your description and how relevant they are to the content on your page. It is also a good idea to have a list of other keywords that will work well as links to your site, just in case you lose track of them.Some people believe that adding the SEO Footer code is enough for them to rank highly in the search engines. This is not really true. You must still use a quality site map. Using a quality site map will link all the pages back to the main page and will make the text on the page much larger so that it appears natural to the eye. Using a site map with the SEO Footer code will allow the keyword to be picked up by other sites, but the keywords will be irrelevant to the contents of the page. have a certain density. They must be arranged in certain ways in order for them to be picked up by the search engines. Having a keyword density that is too high or too low will actually ruin your site. If you have keywords that are spelt incorrectly the search engine will give a warning, forcing you to reformat the page.You must also keep your keyword density natural. Too many keyword phrases will turn it into a list of synonyms for the item or service that the page is attempting to market. People often look for certain things on a search engine and using synonyms for phrases will make your site harder to categorize. There is also a negative impact when keyword density is very high and causes a page to seem like it was written by robots. Google and other search engines do not like pages that are this dense.Having an SEO Footer Code will increase your ranking in the search engines. It will make it more difficult for competitors to rank highly. It will allow your site to be seen by more people because it will be listed in the search engines. Make sure that you include the footer code on every page on your site so that anyone can read it and understand it.

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