Philadelphia is a world-class manufacturing and distribution center, providing everything from food processing to consumer product retailing. It is a hub for the global food industry and offers thousands of square feet of Class A office space, along with services that can help you meet all your order fulfillment needs. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small privately-owned business, you can find the right Philadelphia fulfillment services to meet your individual or corporate needs.Size of Your Business: Before you contact any of the Philadelphia food preparation and packaging companies, you need to understand your size and scope. Are you simply offering locally-based products? Do you have nationwide distribution needs? Is your product something that needs to be in a large warehouse? Does your product need to be delivered to a wide variety of customers? Once you have an understanding of your overall business size, you can better understand what kind of solutions you need.Inventory: Will you be stocking the products yourself, or will you be hiring additional vendors? What percentage of your sales are your products in stock at any given time? This will impact the amount of inventory you have available in your facility. You also need to understand if you will be seasonal, or if your main customer base will be people who buy their groceries in Philadelphia itself.Location: Where will your food products be stored? Some of the major Philadelphia fulfillment companies warehouse these items in a warehouse setting, while others provide mobile or truckload shipping. Which is right for you? Depending on how your inventory will be delivered, and if it has a certain location attached to it - may determine the right solution.Contact Information: Does your order company offer a toll-free number for inquiries and orders? Can they assist you with questions about their services, products, and whether they meet all your requirements? As well, how quickly can you access their customer service lines in case of a problem?Quality Control: Are they responsible for sourcing the raw ingredients, packaging, and shipping the products to you? If not, how do you assure they do? Do they perform quality control? Are there any third party audits? Inquire about this before you sign on the dotted line.Cost: How much will it cost to have them deliver the products to your store? Inquire about this as well. Do they charge extra for weekend delivery? Also, how often will you need to make pickups and deliveries? Are there any other costs that you haven't considered? Be sure these aren't hidden fees or additional chargesThese are some of the common questions store owners ask when looking for an order fulfillment company. The answers to these questions can help guide you in selecting the best one. Philadelphia area companies aren't all alike. Some will emphasize the time period they expect to manage your order supply. Other companies will offer different levels of flexibility. With so many choices out there, it can be overwhelming for the small businessman.Make sure the company you select can meet your needs. They should be able to process and accept credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks. Inquire about the average processing time. Find out if they accept only dollar bills and checks. Some processing times take longer than others, depending on your location.Will your company benefit from multi-stop order fulfillment? Some companies can process and ship to many locations at once. Inquire about this. Multi-stop order can save you money and increase your profits.What about online order? Does it offer options such as online sketching and photo uploading? What about toll free customer support lines and online catalogs? Inquire about these options. Find out if your company has these capabilities before you commit to using them.There are many reasons for using a Philadelphia order fulfillment company. If you're trying to streamline your business, or just trying to cut costs, then this is one option you may want to consider. Philadelphia is known for its quality fulfillment services. Inquire about these services to find out if you need them. If you do, now might be the time to move forward with using one of these Philadelphia order fulfillment companies.

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