Best Places to Donate Furniture to charity can be a stress-free way for you to dispose of your unused stuff. However, most charities do not accept just about anything. Only accept furniture that is in fairly good condition. Some wear and tear is acceptable. Your donation of furniture may be rejected because it is broken, mismatched, or damaged in some other way.Probably the best place to donate your furniture would be your local thrift store. These stores accept donations of practically any kind of material. If your house is a wreck, they will even fix it up. Some people mistakenly think that local thrift stores do not accept donations of household furniture. This is simply untrue!To properly schedule your donation, call the store ahead of time and schedule an appointment. They should be able to direct you to a location on their premises where your belongings can be picked up. In some cases, the store will have their own arrangement for pick-up, but if not, it is always best to call ahead to ensure they can accommodate your schedule.Another great place to pick up donations of all sorts of goods would be Planet Aid. Planet Aid features a very generous program. The charities themselves will pick up your donations of clothing, shoes, old appliances, and household goods. Planet Aid specifically focuses on women, children, and families who need help in order to survive. When it comes to where to donate furniture, Planet Aid is the best choice.Perhaps the best option for those looking to find a new home to donate their furniture to charities is to get a used van. You can get rid of old furniture that you no longer want or need and obtain a free, safe vehicle to transport it to a new home. By using a van, you will be able to donate to multiple different charities at once. This gives you the chance to maximize your impact. Instead of just one, you can donate multiple new homes.There are also other ways to make sure that your clothing choices are making a difference. Since clothing items are generally priced per piece, you can typically get much more than you would with furniture donations. Take time to look around your local area for charity stores that specialize in donating gently used clothing. of these stores have special storage areas where you can stash clothing donations until the items arrive at your doorstep. Be sure to call ahead to make sure the store is open and have your clothing picked up so you can get it into the proper charity.Charity auctions are another way to make sure your clothing choices are making a difference. Charities and non-profit organizations to auction off their unwanted merchandise at public auction events. This is a great way for you to not only get an awesome bargain but also to show your support for a particular organization. Charity auctions are held frequently throughout the United States. Check out some of the nonprofit organizations that hold charity auctions in your local area.The last step in finding a place to donate your old furniture is to schedule a pickup. Find a date near your home and make plans to pick up your furniture on that day. Arrange a pick up time and day that work well with your life. Arrange a pick up location that is convenient to both you and the charity you are making donations to. Pick up your furniture today!Many individuals wonder about the benefits of donating clothing donations. In many cases, donating clothing makes sense. Charities will accept most any clothing regardless of the type, style, or color. Some types of donated furniture are even considered "beverly clean" because they no longer require a new home. Your clothing donation can be sent to a variety of non-profit organizations that serve low-income families and the elderly.Most charities have specific requirements for what kinds of donated items and household goods they accept. For instance, some charities only accept new, gently used mattress covers and box springs. Other charities only accept furniture that no longer requires any reupholstering or cleaning. So, before you select the box springs and bed skirts you want to donate, make sure you don't need any such services.Donating your gently used and new clothes, bedding, and other household goods can make a big difference in the lives of the less fortunate people you give it to. When you donate your gently used toys to charities, the kids you donate them to will not only get the benefit of using them after you donate them, but they will also be learning the value of money and caring for things. In addition to this, when you donate clothes, bedding, and other household goods to charities, you are doing your part to save the planet by reducing the amount of trash being thrown away every day. This in turn benefits everyone. When you donate your gently used toys, clothes, or box springs, you are helping to keep our environment clean and our children safe.

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