Best Places to Donate Furniture to Charity. Donating your used furniture to charity can really be a pain-free way for you to dispose of your unwanted stuff. However, many charities accept nothing but used furniture. Only accept which s in fairly good condition. or stains.Some charities you may already know about are The American Cancer Society and The American Red Cross. They do not accept everything, but their focus is on local needs. Your donation would go a long way to helping them meet their needs. You can make your schedule convenient by contacting the nearest chapter of either organization. They will send you the schedule of their programs. By attending their meetings, you will be better informed of what they require and what they accept.Another great place to donate your stuff is your local thrift stores. There is an organization in your area called "The Goodwill Industries Charity Fund". You can donate clothing, shoes, household items, sporting equipment, toys, old furniture, cleaning materials, books, etc. If it is clothing you need, try checking with your local thrift stores first. should be able to find a member who will be willing to match your donation amount with their own charitable program. It is always best to check before you donate any of your personal items.There are also other types of donation centers, you might want to consider. One is Global Relief, which is a global charity that focuses on the areas of the globe in need of assistance. You can donate cars, boats, RVs, and even appliances. Global Relief's goal is to build homes and provide jobs to the people who have been affected by disasters.Global Relief accepts donations in any condition that is acceptable. For example, you will be expected to fill out a tax form indicating that the furniture will be used for a particular program or charity. Global Relief requires that the furniture you donate be new and in very good working condition. So make sure that the store from which you decide to donate your item is reputable.One last great place to donate your household goods is a private citizens' charity. A few of these types of charities exist across the country. One of them is the United Way of Texas. The United Way accepts all kinds of household goods. You can donate office furniture such as computer desks, tables, chairs, file cabinets, etc. You can also donate furniture that you no longer need such as old dressers and chairs.There are also other great places to donate your goods if you're not going to use them yourself. For example, there are certain locations that offer job placement services for those who need help looking for a new job. Many churches offer these types of job placement services. If you don't want to sell your old stuff at an auction, then you can donate furniture instead.So, if you don't have any plans of using your items after they've been used, then why not make it easy on yourself and find a place to donate your unwanted items? There are so many great options available that you are bound to find a great place to donate your items. Make sure you schedule your furniture donation pick-ups well in advance of when they are scheduled to go on. This way, you can be sure that your schedule won't get messed up by donating something that needs special attention.The easiest way to schedule your donation is online. Online charities helps you organize everything, and you can easily browse through the different categories or types of items that you'd like to donate. Once you've found a category or type of item that you'd like to donate, all you have to do is browse through the page and select the "Donate" button. Donating this way also lets you see photos of the items that makes it a lot easier to select. You can even set up a time that works best for you.Other options you have included free furniture donation pickup. There are lots of places around the country which offer free delivery for a certain period of time. This is perfect for people who'd like to donate their furniture but don't have transportation. Free furniture donation pickup will allow you to ensure that the right person gets the right furniture, without having to worry about making last minute arrangements. Donating your furniture online is a lot better than wasting your time and gas driving all over the area.Once you have found a place to donate your stuff, it's important to figure out how you're going to do it. is to call a local charity which has furniture donations. They'll take used furniture and arrange for someone to comes by every day, pickup your donations, and then drop them off at the local donation center. This takes used furniture donations a lot easier. Another option is to use the internet to make your donation. Many websites will let you set up a donation account that takes care of everything from sending out your information, to arranging the donation, and even managing your tax deductions.

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