my brother's herohonda is taken? He's performed the insurance of it's in oriental company. He has also reported for the police regarding this.the situation was happened before 1/2 and 2 months. It could not be found by police. Therefore kindly recommend the way to declare to get a new motorcycle towards the insurance provider.I'm 20 years old in may and my auto is sky high beeing quoted 5000+ for a minor 1.1 auto there should be a means for this to go down as i observe individuals younger then me operating around in larger litre vehicles then me everyone recognize the secret?I need braces but can not afford them. Is there dental insurance that I will get so that I don't have to commit so much out of pocket??"Hello Yahoo CommunityMy? parents are gettin me an automobile but im insurance. any tips?"I ordered an automobile in Aug 09. It's under my dads name for cheaper insurance purpose. But I never really got to the insurance component and have been driving n/out it. Since I'venot provided economic proof I just got a notification in the DMV saying in the email my registration is halted

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