Laminate attractive paper covers 4 kinds according to its measurable and also uses.Polaroid paperPolaroid paper is a type of cells paper, printed timber grain on the paper surface area, made use of for surface area decor of MDF, HDF, plywood veneer. When the polaroid paper is used on the surface of veneer, adhesive is needed throughout this procedure, and also it additionally requires finishing dealing with after veneer. Adhesive is needed when you are sticking the polaroid paper for veneer, after in any way, ending up treatment is additionally required after pasting.Luxuriant paperLuxuriant paper likewise is a type of tissue paper, with published design as well as paint on the surface, made use of for MDF, HDF, and plywood veneer. It also requires sticky when use it on the fabricated board. Yet ornate paper is a coating paper, no requirement paint once more after pasting.This kind of attractive paper is primarily made use of for some place where doesn t have high requirement regarding abrasion resistance.Pre-painted paper( PU paper).Pre-painted paper is a type of ended up ornamental paper, fertilized or coated with a percentage of resin, material material 20% to 60%, according to the amount of resin, pre-painted paper is split right into side banding and also attractive paper for MDF veneer.The pre-painted paper with low content of material is likewise called PU paper, surface aluminum foil.Yodean surface aluminum foil has actually published style externally, covers timber grain, strong shade, or fancy design etc. needs glue during the application procedure, with good temperature level versatility, can work at temperature level sounded 50 degree to 100 level.The pre-painted paper with high content of material is always utilized for edge banding.In recap, the pre-painted paper is no requirement painting after application, with far better resistance than luxuriant paper.<img width="339" src="">Low Stress melamine impregnated paper.Low stress melamine impregnated paper has excellent resistance feature, with published style externally.As the name of melamine impregnated paper, it is impregnated with low stress melamine material.If the resin content of low pressure melamine fertilized paper is 130% -150%, this kind of impregnate paper can be made use of for surface area decor and also defense of particleboard, MDF veneer, and also it is no requirement to paint after applied on the panel.This low pressure melamine impregnated paper has better abrasion resistance than pre-painted paper.<iframe src="https://decoration paper" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>If the resin content of low pressure melamine impregnated paper is 70% -100%, this kind attractive melamine impregnate paper has remarkable abrasion resistance, constantly utilized for laminate floor covering.High stress melamine impregnated paper.High pressure melamine impregnated paper is also printed the wood grain style, impregnated with high pressure melamine resin.The high stress melamine impregnated paper covers the resin material in called 60% -100%, made use of to make ornamental laminate( fireproof board), abrasion resistance relies on surface area paper.Melamine is a kind of chemical material, has a little impact to the health of individuals, particularly for the kids. Although the material of melamine has rigorous clear standard, if for home decoration, you still need to choose a suitable decor way for your furniture as well as flooring according to the situation of your household.

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