Do you know why most business email lists include a business return address? It's simply to ensure that you can make contact with your subscribers anytime you like. However, not all business email lists offer that. You should always look out for business email lists which provide an email address recovery method that will help you get in touch with your subscribers. Here are some important tips which will help you find business email lists that do offer this.Do they provide a guarantee that your emails will not be used by other marketers? A good way to determine whether a business email lists provider offers a guarantee or not is by checking the subject line of each message. If they specifically mention "no spam" in the subject line, then it's a pretty good bet that this is the kind of mailing list which they use for their marketing campaigns. Sure, almost all other business email lists sellers claim to have no spamming regulations, BUT take a look at the subject line and you will see that most business email lists sellers offer an email address recovery system which will help you contact your subscribers anytime you like.How does the manager of the business mailing lists explain that he/she will not use your email address in any other marketing campaigns? Is it in the form of an "e-newsletter"? It's vital that you ask yourself these questions before joining any business email lists. Most people who sign up for free marketing campaigns end up spending most of their time sending junk mail to their subscribed addresses. You can avoid this by making sure that the marketing manager of the business mailing lists has explained clearly that you will not be part of their marketing campaigns.Can you forward emails from other websites? This is yet another very important question you need to ask your self when signing up for free business email lists. Most email marketers are great at convincing their subscribers that they can send emails from all kinds of sites. However, you should understand that there is such a thing as SPAM. So, make sure that you don't get caught in such a situation.Will I receive any special offers or reports from business lists? If you are getting all kinds of promotional emails from business lists, it is probably because the owner of that list wants to get you to sign up for his/her mailing list. So, make sure you read all your emails carefully. You should also ask the marketing manager of the business lists if there are any special offers that you can subscribe for. These could be some valuable content resources that can really help you improve your business.Can you get access to the latest tips and tricks of the world's best internet marketers? Yes, you will certainly get access to all kinds of valuable tips and information. Some of the best business email lists will also provide you with regular newsletters from the world's most successful internet marketers, so you will definitely have the latest tips and strategies on how you can be even more successful online.Will my email address be sold or shared with other people? As I have said before, many business email lists will not allow you to opt-in for their mailing list. They will only allow you to subscribe by paying a fee for their service. This means that they will sell your email address to the highest bidder, whether you are an affiliate or a website owner. So, make sure you read the fine print before signing up for any mailing list.Can I build my own opt-in list? Yes, you can certainly build your own opt-in list. There are several companies that offer ready-made opt-in marketing lists, which you can purchase for just a few dollars per month. However, keep in mind that these lists will only be useful to you if you are willing to spend time promoting them. Opt-in marketing is a good way to start if you are just starting out in your B2B email campaigns, but it will not work as well as an auto-responder if you want massive success.

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