Social activism is basically an intentional act with the stated purpose of ultimately influencing social change to a desired end. Activists are people who are passionate about a cause and have always been working towards such change in society. An activist may be anyone who is actively working towards social change within society. This can also be applied to political activism as well as to other types of civil disobedience including protests and other forms of civil disobedience.The core notion of social activism is the protection and promotion of human rights. It is also commonly referred to as social justice. Activists seek to empower the common person and improve the conditions of the masses. Activism is often associated with issues such as racism, sexism, social injustice, poverty and other issues that affect the lives of the majority of people. Civil disobedience is one form of social activism.There are many forms and dimensions of social activism. It can be civil disobedience such as sit-ins and marches, literature campaigns, publicity campaigns, and political demonstrations and lobbying. It can also include volunteer work and projects that seek to improve the conditions of the less fortunate in society or to promote social change and awareness in political, business and socio-cultural arenas. There are many human rights advocates who play a key role in the preservation of the rights and freedoms of individuals. use a variety of strategies to bring about change and advocacy.An attorney or lawyer who is engaged in social activism may take on different types of tasks. They may represent the oppressed or the disadvantaged in the workplace, in society, and at the county and state level. They use strategic thinking, negotiation, marketing, public relations, fundraising, legal counsel, networking and more. Activists find ways to ensure their agendas are carried out. They strive to build coalitions with people who share similar goals and vision. They work to build their influence, reputation and credibility.Activists can also choose to engage in more intentional action. They build on a group of people who have similar beliefs and goals and organize in order to build a force that will bring about change. Intentional action is part of a strategy to achieve social change or social justice. of these types of groups are: peace organizations, environmentalists, anti-war groups, political campaign initiatives, social welfare organizations, disability rights groups, ethnic or cultural groups, and religious groups.Some organizations that engage in social action are nonprofit environmental organizations, volunteerism, community organizing, social service programs, direct action campaigns, and political activism. Activists may work in national, state and local governments as politicians, city councilors, lawyers, or local government officials. Some are involved in local, regional or national causes that affect their communities or the world as a whole. There are some activists who engage in political activism to improve the quality of life for people or for the environment. can also choose to be part of a collective effort or to work alone. An individual can become a social activist by standing up for social change in the face of sometimes overwhelming opposition. Being of a collective effort requires broad support from a variety of people and groups. A lone social activist may be able to get enough signatures to put a proposition on the ballot, but if that initiative fails to gain the required signatures from voters, it is likely to be put on the ballot as an initiative.Activists can be thought of as doing four roles when they engage in social movements. One is to identify a need and find ways to meet that need. Two is to do research and find the most effective way to meet the need, whether that means through creative ideas, organizing, or physical tactics. The third is to be vocal about their cause, advocating their position on any given issue, and making sure everyone knows about their position. is to ensure that the cause is clearly defined and understood by the general public.

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