im trying to find a cheapfull coated auto for a 21 yr-old woman who's also a first driver and what business wouldbe greatest thanks the make of the 2 vehicles if chosen are ford ka (2011 produce) and toyota pincanto thanks"Including tax"Hello"I'm was wondering do I need a whole insurance policy alongside the provisional one with this particular organization and currently wanting to get provisional insurance with this specific company"10 points! I'm 17"I want to ensure 1.0-litre 2000 Vauxhall Corsa 3door. Im getting quotes for 3000 - 5000"small firms/ customer friendlyHow come it that when i type-in my vehicle reg number on quote sites it says. please enter a good subscription number...? Could it signify the vehicle is stolen or anything? Appreciate advice and your help."In case your car is totaled in a accident how much money does one typically reunite out of your insurance company

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