You're probably wondering, Where to donate clothes? Your local charity or clothing bank. Both are wonderful places to donate clothes. But what if don't have clothes to give away yet? Here are some other options:* Pickup your clothes at the store. You can donate clothes to a thrift store, used books donation center, or other donation center that pickups the clothing you donate. Often these clothes are still in great condition and just need a little cleaning. Plus it's free to pick up the clothes. And can receive a tax-deductible donation.* Dress up your car. You can donate old clothes and there are many car washes and auto recycle centers that will pick up your gently used clothes and recycle them for you. The Red Cross also has many locations where you can donate your gently used items. These places also have special donation programs where children can donate baby diapers, etc.* Partner with a local or national organization that works on a global level to help with relief efforts. There are many ways to partner with these types of organizations. You can make a donation in your own home country, or you can partner by making a larger donation and passing it along to the red cross, or other organization that you donate to. This can be a great way to help in local disaster relief efforts.* Partner with a clothing charity to help with the cause of clothing charity. Most charity stores have a clothing section. Partnering with them will help you donate more clothes. Many charity stores also have partnerships with other businesses that donate clothes, and they will donate part or all of your purchase. This is a great way to support other worthwhile causes.* Find out about charitable organizations that you can donate your goods to. One such place would be the American Red Cross. They have a lot of different options for you to choose from. You can either drop-off your donations, or have your items directly picked up at one of their donation centers. You can also request specific items, if you want. has a lot of different fundraisers, including blood drives, that you can participate in.* Look for a good condition thrift store. Good condition thrift stores accept household items, bedding, and other gently used clothes. Some of these stores accept gently used clothes that are past the point of being thrown away or used, and that are still in fairly good condition. If you cannot find any of the above options, look for an all-purpose thrift store. These types of stores accept nearly anything that is in good condition, and they are located all over the country.So, those are some tips to use when you want to know where to donate clothes. If you are looking to donate gently used clothing items, find a local charity that accepts them. If you want to choose a specific type of clothing item, make sure you look at the list of excepted charities. Then, simply find one near you that accepts that type of item. There are also a number of other ways that you can go about donating your gently used clothing items. Just be sure to check with local charities to see what they are looking for.Another option for those who are looking to donate clothes and other goods is to search the Internet. There are a number of different websites that allow you to search through different charities that accept clothing, and then sort them in terms of your deductible. You can then search for your local area, or for specific types of gently used goods, including toys. You will need to fill out a form, giving details about your items. You will be able to donate clothes and other goods through online charities such as this.Your local libraries and public schools are also great places to donate gently used items. Many libraries have a collection of gently used items, and there are some areas in most public schools where students can donate books and other items to help out their school. You will be able to find a local charity that accepts donations of these types of goods from the library and public school, and some of them even accept donations of gently used clothes. You may also want to consider donating gently used toys, as many charities offer toy donations through their websites.The best place to donate your clothing and other goods is a local charity. These types of charities are usually registered with the Red Cross, and they have their own web site so that you can check out what they have to offer. They will have a donate button on their web site, and you can choose to donate through the website, by phone, or by mail. No matter how you decide to donate your unwanted goods, it is important to keep in mind the mission of the various charities to give away their proceeds in the most efficient ways possible.

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