"Is it possible to license if you don't have insurance over a car which you do not get"I'm tryin 2 get insurance for the 04 stratus that iam acquiringDo you have any personal knowledge where autoinsurance is benificial for you? Please also list the pros and negatives. Thanks so muchSimply how much does it charge to include someone on r insurance?"Basically insurance was taken out by my spouse about 10 months ago using a new insurance carrier. He had 4 decades no claims together with his old business so informed this' newest business. The brand new insurance company have already been taking the obligations each month out from our bank nonetheless we've never had his http://dx.v68.tw/home.php?mod=space&uid=208909&do=index&view=admin documents. They could not include him while he contacted them yesterday to issue this-they advised him that because they will not be supplied by the aged insurance carrier with no states info. Nonetheless all this period and also today they've consumed their payment per month. Surely they ought to not be taking payments for anything they are stating they can not protect?? They've sent him a 30 day temp address note for the present time while we try and form it nevertheless it isnt looking good

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