Open your browser.Then next, enter Disneyplus.com/begin in the bar of search.Select then the Search choice.You will find the website page to choose the Hotstar original website.Click Disneyplus.com/begin to select the official website.Then your main webpage will appear before your eyes.Then, find that menu option.There are two horizontal and vertical lines on the left corner called menu same like #.you can Select A shop menu option should be displayed in the dropdown menu. .From the drop-down menus, choose the Shop option.It will take you to a web page that will display a variety displays.Additionally, you can see 2 horizontal lines, in the right upper corner.Select the sign-in menu fron the drop-down list.Ff you are already have an account you can Log in darect.Scroll to the top of this page and select the Create Account option.After that you can fill profile form, your first and last name and email addresses, also add phone number and passwords, as well as gender and the date of birth.Make an Account by clicking the “Create” button in order to receive updates.This email is going to request you to confirm your email address and to create an account. https://network.counselindia.com/read-blog/127507

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